Air Purification Services

Clean air is a key component of a healthy home and as a Certified Carrier Clean Air Expert, Comfort Now can offer suggestions and products that help reduce or even eliminate many allergens and harmful air pollutants – from dust and pet dander to chemical fumes, viruses, mold and many more air borne contaminants.  Of course we want to do a great job of keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer but we’ll always consider the quality of the air in your home as part of your indoor environment.

Is The Air Inside Your Home Clean?

Did you realize that you spend over 70% of your time indoors?! In the winter it’s even more than that. Making sure that the air you are breathing is keeping you and your family safe and healthy is important. If you have very young, or very old people in your house, making sure they are breathing clean air is paramount to their health. For the majority of us who are in between, cleaning the air inside your home can have a lot of simple, but noticeable benefits…

  1. Helps to remove pollutants and irritants in the air, alleviating simple sicknesses like sore throats and headaches.
  2. Reduces allergens in the air that lead to allergy symptoms.
  3. Helps reduce pet allergies and odors.
  4. Reduces the effects of tobacco smoke.

What Do We Have To Offer?

Air Scrubber Plus

The Air Scrubber Plus uses Space Certified technology to clean the air throughout your home 24/7! This plugs directly into the ventilation system of your current HVAC unit, and immediately starts working for you.

Once you install your Air Scrubber Plus, 90% of the contaminants in the air are gone within 30 minutes! After you have it running consistently, you will eliminate 99.9% of the pollutants in the air. This is 50X more powerful than a normal HVAC filtration system!

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Download the Air Scrubber Plus Brochure

Learn a little more about the benefits of having an Air Scrubber Plus installed in your home. Be ready to breath easier, and feel better! One of the most common things we hear is how much less people get sick or feel poorly once they have an Air Scrubber Plus installed. Learn how it can help your South Jersey home!

Benefits of the Air Scrubber Plus


Bacteria in the air will be GREATLY reduced, leading to cleaner air and better health.

Pet Hair and Odor

Reducing the odor of pets, and the allergic effects of their hair for visitors.



Reduce allergens in the air, helping breathing and seasonal issues.

Download the Air Scrubber Plus Brochure

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