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Choosing the right contractor starts with friends and family. A referral from a trusted source can be as good as gold when it comes to working with the right company.

And there are other ways to choose the right contractor with the wealth of information that is available on the Internet.

Look for reviews and ratings from online services such as Angie’s List or Reviewbuzz. Many people speak to their local building inspector to see which contractors routinely meet code requirements. Others visit their local lumberyard to see which contractors buy quality materials and pay their bills on time.

Once you choose a contractor, ask for references including current and previous clients, and financial references from suppliers or banks. Then meet them face-to-face to discuss your project. A contractor should be able to answer all of your questions. It is critical that you are able to communicate with your contractor because it is likely they will be spending hours in your home. Complete your due diligence by checking with your local Better Business Bureau for their rating. Remember that a good contractor takes their client’s needs into consideration on every job.

Repair or Replace? Deciding whether to repair or replace your HVAC equipment is an expensive guessing game. The fact is that new high-efficiency equipment requires less service and saves money on energy costs, so it can be a win/win to replace outdated equipment. If you’d like to have a service technician come out and take a look, let us know and we’d be glad to give you our recommendation.

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Manufacturer’s warranties that come with new equipment can provide the peace of mind of knowing you are covered in case of repair, while rebates can help to offset the cost of installation. Homeowners with equipment that is over 10 years old should consider a replacement.

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The best option is to find a contractor you can trust. A trained technician will know what to look for when it is time to consider replacing your equipment. Don’t go with someone who is looking out for them, go with someone who is looking out for you!