Laundry Pro is a new technology that will clean your clothes without the use of chemicals and detergent. By using their revolutionary ActivePure Technology, oxygen is used to lift dirt and odor away from clothing, leaving your clothes smelling fresh and looking clean and bright as ever! The Laundry Pro uses cold water, no detergent, and attaches directly to your washing machine. It’s simple, cost efficient, and uses less energy!

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Key Facts About The Laundry Pro

  • No Detergent Required – Laundry Pro eliminates the need for laundry detergent. The use of oxygen and other gases with bubble up and lift the dirt and odor off of your laundry. After so many washes with detergent, sometimes colors fade, fabric loses it’s softness, and laundry gets beat up in general. The Laundry Pro uses no detergent, so you don’t need to worry about that cost anymore!
  • Uses ActivePure Technology – As mentioned above, the use of ActivePure Technology eliminates the need to use detergent when doing laundry. Where a lot of different air and fabric cleaners use filters to remove impurities, ActivePure Technology does things differently. It uses oxygen, peroxides, and other gases to actively attack the dirt and odors in your laundry. This technology was created in the USA, by Beyond by Aerus. Aerus is a leading technology company with over 90 years of history introducing innovative products and technology that is used by millions of families.
  • Helps The Environment – By cutting out the use of detergent in your wash and not using hot water, you are reducing energy use, and the amount of chemicals that are put back out into the environment when you rinse your clothes out. Think about it, every time you wash a load of laundry, that detergent water gets spilled out into the sewage system, only to be put back into the world with added chemicals. Instead, when using the Laundry Pro, you aren’t using detergent, therefore reducing the amount of chemicals being put into the environment!

  • No Maintenance Required – A lot of products today require constant upkeep, or refilling. This is NOT one of those products. Simply have it installed onto your washing machine, and that’s it! No refills. No tune ups. Just have it installed and it is ready to work at peak performance!
  • Keeps Laundry Bright & Soft – One of the best things about the Laundry Pro is the condition it leaves your clothes in after they are clean. It doesn’t take the color or bounce out of your fabric at all. Detergent and hot water will eventually make the fabric less soft, and color of your clothes less bright. Not with the Laundry Pro!
  • Great For Sensitive Skin – Eliminating detergent means you are not putting chemicals on all the things you put on your body all day! Eliminating these chemicals that get onto your clothes will reduce skin irritations this may have caused! This is especially something to consider if you or anyone in your house has skin problems.
  • Reduces Energy Used – The Laundry Pro uses cold water, where other washing methods require hot or warm water. This reduces the energy you use on a daily basis!
  • One Time Installation – The experts at Comfort Now can install this easily into your washer, and you don’t have to worry about a thing!


Download the Laundry Pro Guide

If you want to know a little more about the Laundry Pro, just download the guide here!

The Air Scrubber Plus

Another amazing piece of state of the art home technology we offer is the Air Scrubber Plus. This, like the Laundry Pro, uses ActivePure Technology, only it works in your heating and cooling system to clean the air throughout your house! This is great for anyone, but especially people with breathing issues, allergies, children, and the elderly.

Air Scrubber Plus