When it comes to buying a new heater or air conditioner, far too many consumers make the wrong choice for the wrong reasons. They don’t  base their decision on the right criteria. They get pressured into making a certain purchase. Or they just settle for anything. And in the end, they usually pay for it.

Buying the Right Kind Of Equipment

Knowing what kind of equipment to buy is important. One of the unique things about the Jersey Shore is the salt in the air. Because of this, buying equipment that is designed for the salt will help you keep your equipment working and maintained!

Buying The Wrong Size Equipment
According to the Department of Energy, a large percentage of people who replace their heating and air conditioning systems end up with the wrong size equipment. The results are scary: high utility bills, buildup of unhealthy mold in the ductwork, damaged equipment and uncomfortable living conditions. Make sure you get an accurate load calculation from your contractor that is determined by your home’s physical characteristics and takes into account your family’s personal needs. This, along with a detailed system analysis, will correctly verify the proper size equipment needed for your home.

Choosing the Lowest Price
A sure sign of trouble is thinking you can get the same thing for less. Like everything in life, you can’t get something for nothing. Basically, every contractor installs the same heating and air conditioning equipment. In many cases, the only difference is the name on the outside of the box. Many laws regulate how and why systems are installed so when you make you buying decision based on price, the shortcut you are going to get is with the quality of the installation. If you’re leaning toward the contractor with the lowest price, ask yourself these questions first: What’s being left out? What shortcuts are being taken? Why is the price different? Heating and air conditioning equipment is designed to last 12-15 years. In the past several years, we have replaced many pieces of equipment less than 10 years old because of improper sizing, poor workmanship and faulty installation.