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What’s Going On Now

November is Veteran’s Month

November is Veteran’s Month, and we are offering all vets a FREE Heater Service. We want do something to say thank you for all you’ve done for our great country. Click here to sign up.

All Year Home Tips


Who is Comfort Now? How Can We Help?

Comfort Now By Bob McAllister is helping the Atlantic and Cape May County area stay cool in the summer, and warm in the winter!

Utilities in South Jersey Are Very Important!

Making sure you are keeping track of your utilities is important. A lot of people equate the cost of their HVAC system with the price tag of the unit, but accounting for the energy used is probably even more important in the long run!

Disaster Tips For Your Home

We’ve seen some very difficult natural disasters this year. With Irma and Harvey, we are reminded of the devastation Sandy brought to us. Here are a few tips to make sure you are ready the next time disaster strikes.

Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

You clean the lint out of your lint catcher in between every load of laundry. When is the last time you made sure your Dryer Vent was clear?

Changing An Air Filter

Bob shows you how simple and important it is to change your air filter in your heating and cooling system! He also shows you the kind of filter he prefers.

Technology That Can Improve Your South Jersey Shore Home

Smart Programmable Thermostats can improve the comfort in your home, as well as save you money! Technology is helping us in every aspect of our lives today, and home comfort is no exception!

Is Your Upstairs Hotter Than Downstairs?

One of the most common things we hear is that people have a very hot upstairs, even if their downstairs is still cool. This is a big problem in bedrooms, and we can help you fix it!

Tankless Water Heaters

Running out of hot water can become a thing of the past with a tankless water heater! Save energy and never run out of hot water…

Water Leaks From Air Conditioners

If you have  a water leak coming from your Air Conditioning Unit, it can be more damage if you simply wait on it. Make sure your unit is inspected if it’s in an attic or on a roof!

Sealing Your Ducts

A quick tip about the importance of keeping your ducts sealed! Save money and energy!

Saving Money By Switching To Natural Gas

By switching to natural gas, you can save money! The price of natural gas is cheaper than most alternatives, and you can get rebates from various places for new high efficiency equipment.

Attic Covers Can Help Save Energy

One of the places in the house where air commonly leaks is the attic. It’s usually not as well insulated as the rest of the house, so an attic door cover can help to prevent this leak!

Reviews Are Important

Making sure you are finding a trusted contractor is important! Look at reviews online to make sure other people are happy! Here is a link to our Google Reviews! 

Helping Out The Community Food Bank Of New Jersey

This winter Bob stopped by The Community Food Bank of New Jersey. It’s important to help out all year round, and we believe they are a great organization that deserves our support! You can also click here to visit their site and see how you can help!


Summer Is Coming

Summer always seems to be right around the corner, and Bob wants you to know a few things you should be doing to get ready for the heat!

Combat Salt Corrosion at the Jersey Shore with Carrier’s Coastal System 

One of the biggest problems at the Jersey Shore when it comes to your A/C is the salt in the air. This can cause corrosion of your equipment, and shorten it’s lifespan. Carrier Coastal Systems are designed to deal with this exact problem!

Do It Yourself A/C Cleaning

Bob McAllister shows you how to easily clean out your Air Conditioning System! All it takes is a hose, a filter, and getting your hands a little dirty!

Air Conditioning in Atlantic & Cape May County

Bob McAllister has been working at the New Jersey Shore taking care of home comfort for over 40 years! If you need your home cooled, or heated, we are ready to help.


Spring Tips For Your South Jersey Home

If you want a little guidance, or a better idea of what to look for when it comes to getting your home ready for Spring, Bob is here to help!

Spring To Do List

Here are a few Do It Yourself tips to get your South Jersey home ready for the change of weather this spring.

Keeping Your Air Clean With A Fresh Filter

One of the best ways to get ready for a new season is to make sure you are breathing the freshest air possible! Change your filter in your air conditioning system.


Get Your Indoors Ready For Winter

Make sure your house is ready for the cold weather! Keep your house cozy, and don’t spend a fortune doing it.

A Few Tips To Prepare Your Outdoors For Winter

Everyone wants to keep the inside of their house warm, but you have to make sure the outside is ready for the cold as well! Here are a few tips for your South Jersey Home.

Turn Your Heat On

Turning your heat on is one of the simplest ways to get ready for winter, but so many people wait until the last minute. Make sure your heat works before you absolutely need it.

Fireplace Tips For Your South Jersey Home

Everyone loves the glow and warmth of a fireplace on a cold winter night. Here are a few tips from Bob to make sure your fireplace is ready to go this winter!

Mitsubishi Ductless Units Can Heat AND Cool!

When people think of a ductless unit, they mostly think of cooling, but these Mitsubishi Units can heat as well! Extreme comfort in any room…