Wifi Thermostats

Wifi Thermostats can add an extra layer of automation, comfort, and convenience to your South Jersey Shore home. It’s not something that everyone thinks about, but can bring more to your home comfort experience than you realize. It’s like having a remote control for your house, that will help you keep the place comfortable!

With a Wifi Thermostat, you can get several different systems with different abilities.
  • Control your system through an app on your phone or tablet – This means you could turn the heat up from the comfort of your bed or couch.
  • Keep an eye on your house away from home – If you are on vacation or just coming home from work, you can check the temperature at your house, and adjust it accordingly!
  • Automate your system – Some systems have features that allow you to set temperatures based on days. This works great for active families on the weekend.
  • Keep you running at Max Efficiency – With the growing need for efficiency, systems can measure the amount of energy used and give you the best use for your dollar.

Carrier Infinity Series

  • The best Carrier has to offer and works exclusively with Carrier Infinity Series.
  • Offers remote access to your system from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Use energy usage reports to manage energy costs.
  • Control different zones of the house.
  • Program your weekly heating and cooling schedule into your system
  • Even more…


  • Remote access control from your smartphone or tablet, or Amazon Echo!
  • 7-day programmable system.
  • Uses notifications to let you know when a filter needs to be changed.
  • Smart technology to promote energy saving options.
  • Uses geo-tracking to get your home ready for you when you arrive!
  • Much more…

Carrier CÔR Series

  • Control your home comfort from wherever you are – bed, the sofa, or even across the country!
  • Reduce energy costs by using smart technology and measuring usage.
  • Works with almost any brand of home comfort system, not just Carrier.
  • Gives you the weather forecast.
  • Makes suggestions based on energy usage.
  • Much more…

Helping An Ocean City Resident Keep Watch On Their Home From Florida

Carl B. had a problem when his old heater broke. We installed a new boiler, as well as a WiFi Thermostat. This allowed Carl to cancel the service that was checking on the temperature of his home while he was away. Now he can check whenever he wants from his home in Florida. It also allows him to adjust the temperature for when him and his family arrive back into New Jersey, and their house is comfortable and ready!

You can check out Carl’s story here! If you are in a similar situation where you aren’t around your home for long periods of time, this may be a good addition to help you keep tabs on your house.
Using A WiFi Thermostat To Check House From Florida

Measuring Efficiency To Save Money

Best air conditioning contractor in Somers PointUsing a new Smart Thermostat can do more than just give you a fancy remote control for your heating and cooling system. It gives you reports and measures the amount of energy that is being used to do the job. It can also make suggestions based on your patterns of how you use the system, that can bring your energy costs down while keeping your home as cozy as ever.

Based on what kind of thermostat you have, you can do a lot of innovative things! Some thermostats use geo-tracking so as you get close to home your system recognizes it and turns on so the house is ready for you. Other thermostats can give you information such as air flow in certain zones in the house, and humidity in the house. This kind of information can allow you to know if there is a particular room that is using too much energy, or maybe changing a fan setting that can reduce the humidity in your home.

Installing a Wifi Thermostat is so much more than adding a remote control. It’s adding a layer of technology and convenience into your home!

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more about what a Wifi Thermostat can do for your Cape May or Atlantic County Home, we’d be glad to answer any questions you have. If you have a question about…

  • Features and capabilites
  • Compatibility with your system
  • Price
  • Installation
  • Anything else we are here to help!