Whole-House Generators

Whole house generator service.

Protect your home, family, and your valuables with a whole-house generator.

Consider your generator an insurance policy when a heavy storm barges through the South Jersey Shore and knocks out the power. From appliances to laptops, these generators provide you with peace of mind knowing you can still use electricity when the power goes off.

Our licensed team at Comfort Now has the training and tools to expertly install a whole-house generator at your Egg Harbor Township, NJ home. We can find a good spot in your yard to set up the concrete pad for your generator and extend the gas line necessary to fuel it.

We’ll work together to evaluate your needs during a temporary outage to determine the correct model and load size for your home and lifestyle. The higher the generator’s capacity, the more circuits it can power simultaneously.

Comfort Now is happy to provide you with a free consultation on the best generator for your budget and needs. Give us a call or schedule an online appointment today.

How Does a Whole-House Generator Operate?

Whole-house generators are sometimes referred to as a “fixed standby generator.” Whenever there is a power outage or equipment failure, the whole-house generator will automatically provide power straight to your home’s electrical panel, even if you are not home. This protects your food and your appliances—especially if you are gone for an extended period.

When the generator detects a disruption in the current, an automatic transfer switch disconnects from your utility and sends electricity to your panel. Running on your home’s natural gas line, the generator can keep your home powered for days. When the electric company restores service, your generator will return to standby mode.

Whole-House Generators vs. Portable Generators

Portable generators provide an excellent source of energy for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor gatherings. They are not designed to power your home for extended periods—and can quickly overheat.

Permanently installed, standby generators are better suited for providing backup power to the home. They ensure you’ll never be without power, and they add value to your Egg Harbor Township property.

Whole-House Generators Installation and Replacement

Most homeowners will choose a generator that runs on natural gas. If it proves difficult to extend a gas line to your preferred location, then a propane-powered generator is your best alternative. Your third option is diesel—but remember that both diesel and propane require storage tanks. Comfort Now has the experts for the job and will recommend the best option for a Generac backup generator for your home!

For safety reasons, it makes more sense to have our team install your generator. The project deals with several aspects of electricity, and when working with electricity, it is always the wisest decision to have a licensed professional on the job.

Whole-House Generators Repair

Because whole-home generators have a lot of downtime between power outages, they sometimes develop common issues like clogged fuel filters, coolant leaks, and battery failures. Our team of specialists is adept at problem-solving. Even if it’s a complex issue, we can bring your generator back online in no time.

Whenever you have an issue with your generator, it can be a stressful experience. That’s why we offer quality repair services to be there when you need us. You can always count on our team to always provide accurate, upfront pricing before we begin a job.

Whole-House Generators Maintenance

During a maintenance visit, one of our professionals will perform services like checking and refilling fluids, changing the spark plug, and checking and cleaning components. Keeping up with this type of maintenance will ensure your generator will have a long and useful life.

Be sure to have your generator serviced by a professional after 24 to 48 hours of continuous use. If your generator stops working as it should or emits an unusual smell or noise, call us right away. We want to be sure your generator runs safely and reliably when you need it.

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Don’t get left in the dark during a power outage—Comfort Now by Bob McAllister can install, replace, repair, and maintain your Egg Harbor Township, Comfort Now by Bob McAllister, whole-house generator. Call us at Comfort Now by Bob McAllister or request service online  today to learn more about generators and other products.


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