DIY Heating Tips For South Jersey Residents This Winter

Thanksgiving has past, and now the winter is really upon us. We still haven’t experienced very cold weather, and if you haven’t prepared your home for winter, now is the time! Bob McAllister gave some heating tips to SNJ Today this week to help get your home ready for the winter!

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hose-icon1. Put your hoses away. You aren’t going to be using your hose all winter long, and if there is any water in there it’s simply going to freeze. Putting your hose away now keeps it in good condition and out of the way. Make sure to drain your hose before putting it away too! You don’t want water in your storage.

2. Take out your window air conditioning units. Some people put covers on the units, but really the best move is to remove them for the winter. Even a really good installation of a window unit leaves some air pass through the cracks of the window-ac-iconwindow, and most allow a lot of cold air in and hot air out in the winter. Keep your home better insulated by taking them out for the season.

If you are interested in doing away with those window units completely, looking into a ductless unit may be a good solution if you are looking to make a home improvement that will help out all year long.


heater-icon3. Turn your heater on now! Even if you don’t want to start heating your house for the whole winter, turning your system on now to make sure everything is functioning properly is important. Waiting until the heat is absolutely necessary, and then having your system not work can become a big problem. Make sure the heat works, and that the system is heating throughout the house properly. Taking care of this now will save cold nights and expensive repairs later.


air-filter-icon4. Change your air filter. Changing out your air filter is inexpensive, and will help keep the air that you are breathing clean. A lot of people don’t change their’s out from season to season, even though it should be done. There are a few different grades and styles, but we recommend getting the pleated filter. It’s not too expensive, and it does a great job of cleaning up the air.

5. Check for leaks in your home. Making sure there isn’t a lot of leakage in your home is key to keeping your home warm, as well as keeping energy bills to a minimum. Leaks around doors and windows are usually obvious and there are products available in hardware stores to take care of these.  Also look for cracks in foundations, leaks or gaps around pipes under sinks or the laundry equipment, and kitchen fans.

6. Attic steps and hatches.  Probably one of the leakiest places allowing cold winter air or super-heated attic air into your living space. You can substantially improve this problem with a stair cover, or weather stripping and foam board insulation.  Not a DIY person? Call us to discuss options.

Icicles are a bad sign when it comes to heating your home.7. Icicles are a bad sign. This is something to keep in mind for when it does get colder and start to snow. If you see icicles forming on your gutters or rooftop, it may be a sign that heat from your house is getting into your attic.  This can be from the Attic hatch, inadequate insulation or gaps around the plumbing pipes, wiring, bath fans and recessed ceiling lights. Water that runs down your roof and reforms into ice can forms ice dams causing damage to your roof and may actually cause water to leak back into your home. After a snow, if it melts off your roof before your neighbors that’s a problem.

Another great idea is to get your furnace tuned up! Making sure that your equipment is ready to work at full capacity, and is safe, is always a great idea. Right now we are offering a tune up for $99! Click on the button to get your coupon now!$99 Furnace Tune-Up

If you have any questions, or feel that you need some professional help getting your home ready for winter you have come to the right place! We have been working with people all over Cape May and Atlantic County, and would be glad to help make your home comfortable all year long. Our phone number is (609) 400-1005, or you could email!

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Is Your Upstairs Hotter Than Downstairs?

One of the most common problems in Jersey Shore homes, or any homes for that matter, is the heat that builds in the top floors of the house. There can be a HUGE difference between the temperature in your basement, to your living area, to your bedrooms. It can be one of the most frustrating things to deal with, especially when you are trying to go to sleep in a hot and humid bedroom.

Some of the reasons for this can be…

    • Hot air rising and sitting in the top of your home.
    • Not as much shade and guard from the sun in the top floors of a home.
    • Sky-lights letting in the sun and the heat along with it.
    • Your cooling system wasn’t properly installed and leaves a room or 2 out of the comfort zone
    • Your cooling system is old and can’t properly or evenly cool your home.

As outlined in the video above, there are several solutions to this problem, and they can be unique from home to home. Some houses may need to adjustment to the ducts and how the air flows around the house. Other homes may require a supplemental system to take pressure off the main A/C unit. Every home has different tendencies and situations.

A couple tips to keep your upstairs cool that you can do yourself…

  • Close the vents in the downstairs rooms you don’t use very often.
  • Move furniture out of the way of the vents upstairs.
  • Closing shades and drapes to keep sunlight out will keep the heat down.
  • Add small fans to blow cooler air in the house and hot air out.
  • Make sure your attic is insulated, keeping the hot air from coming in and cold air from escaping. This will also help in the winter!

Another great solution is a Mitsubishi Ductless System. These units can be spread throughout the house, and allow you to heat and cool rooms independently from one another. If you have a child who likes their bedroom colder than the rest of the family, this zoned system can be the answer to your problems. To learn a little more check out the Mitsubishi Ductless Information Center!


If you would like an expert from Comfort Now to come out and asses the issue with your home, just let us know! You can either call us at (609) 400-1005, or simply fill out the form below to schedule a conversation! 


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New Station and New Tips for Your South Jersey Shore Home!

As you may know, we are a fairly new company, but have some old roots in the Heating and Air Conditioning Business in South Jersey. Bob McAllister, the owner of Comfort Now, has been working in the industry for over 35 years, making sure that South Jersey Shore homes are as comfortable as can be! If you have a problem, Bob has probably seen it. Along with his sons RJ and Casey, the Comfort Now team is looking to help you out with all your home comfort needs throughout the year.

Look for our commercials and home comfort tips on TV and the internet!

The services we offer at the Jersey Shore are:

If you need someone to come check out your equipment to see if it should be serviced or replaced, we can certainly help you out! Just give us a call at (609) 400-1005, or fill out the form below to schedule a call!

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Air Conditioning Tips

On a nice day, should you open the windows for fresh air? It doesn’t save energy, because an HVAC unit dehumidifies air as well as cooling it. Letting in moisture-rich air from outside changes the temperature and humidity inside, and your air conditioner will have to run longer to re-balance the air levels.

Also, if you go away for a week, don’t turn the air off completely – humidity will return, and the system will have to work harder when it’s restarted. Set it at 80° and adjust it lower when you return.

Comfort Now is a Certified Carrier Clean Air Expert, Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and South Jersey’s only Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor. Click here to read more.


Feel free to give me a call at 609.400.1005 or send an email to

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Get a Comfort Performance Checkup Today


Temperatures are heating up, and it takes energy to keep a house cool and comfortable. How can you tell if you’re paying for more energy than you need? Easy – schedule a Comfort Performance Checkup and a qualified Comfort Now professional will evaluate your home’s energy use and suggest ways to improve energy efficiency.

A Comfort Performance Checkup involves an exterior and room-by-room assessment of your home, as follows:comfort check up

  • Check insulation in the attic, basements and crawl spaces
  • Check doors and windows for weather stripping
  • Check for air leaks in walls, ceilings, fixtures and electrical outlets
  • Check for open fireplace dampers
  • Determine lighting needs and if sensors or timers can be used
  • Use thermal imaging to pinpoint areas needing insulation
  • Recommend cost-effective energy improvements
  • Review utility bills and current residents’ energy needs

We’ll also let you know about the great incentives including rebates up to $6000 and long term interest free financing available from the State, local utilities and manufacturers on qualified measures..

With the information gained from your Comfort Performance Checkup, you’ll be able to make the best choices to save money and use energy efficiently.

For your family’s Comfort Performance Checkup, call 609.400.1005 or send an email to


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Safety First – Clean Your Dryer Ducts

If your dryer isn’t getting laundry dry after one cycle or gets unusually hot, the vent system might be clogged with lint. Clean your lint screen after each use, but even with “good” filters, lint accumulates in the dryer and ducts over time, reducing airflow. This forces the dryer to operate at higher temperatures, which can lead to a fire in or around the machine.


All dryer and exhaust ducts should be inspected and cleaned annually, and repaired or replaced if not up to current safety standards. Install a smoke alarm in the laundry area, and make sure that your dryer, whether gas or electric, vents directly outside and never into an attic, crawl space or other enclosed space. Dryer exhaust carries combustion fumes from gas dryers, and all dryer venting is high in moisture which can result in mold, rot wood and cause other damage to a home.


As your local Certified Carrier Clean Air Expert, Comfort Now wants your home to be safe, comfortable and allergen-free. If you’re having issues in your home, call me right away at 609.400.1005 and we’ll help get them resolved. You can also email me at


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Improve Indoor Air Quality – Keep Humidity Below 50 Percent

It seems like just yesterday we were scraping snow and ice off our cars, and now the flowers are blooming! In fact, we’re in the middle of an unusually warm spring, which means bad news for people with allergies.

Pollen isn’t the only thing that can cause an allergic reaction. Warmer weather means a rise in humidity, which can aggravate breathing problems, and promotes the growth of mold, mildew and dust mites. Ideally, your indoor air should be less than 50 percent humidity for best quality.

Comfort Now is a Certified Carrier Clean Air Expert, Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer and South Jersey’s only Mitsubishi Elite Diamond Contractor so we can offer suggestions and products to help eliminate allergens and air pollutants. Click here to read more.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have – give me a call at 609.400.1005 or email


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How Much Should a South Jersey Homeowner Pay for Ductless Heating and Air Conditioning System?

By now you know that ductless is a quiet, efficient heating and air conditioning solution for your home that will reduce your energy costs and quickly pay for itself.

But, what can a homeowner expect to pay for this modern and convenient comfort system in South Jersey, specifically in Atlantic and Cape May Counties?


Ductless mini-split technology has been around for more than 50 years, but has only been available to South Jersey homeowners for about thirty years.

In Japan, ductless accounts for 90% of all HVAC systems sold and in more than 80% in Europe.

Unfamiliarity and spotty access to information has slowed the growth of ductless in the United States, but high energy savings have caused major utility companies, government agencies and homeowners to take notice. The financial incentives associated with ductless technology has made it one of the fastest growing segments in the HVAC industry.

This is important: Not all contractors have experience with ductless technology, so make sure to ask your contractor how long they’ve been installing the systems.  Mitsubishi offers additional benefits when a ductless system is installed by one of their trained, certified contractors.  Comfort Now is proud to be associated with Mitsubishi Electric Ductless systems, and proud to be recognized as one of South Jersey’s only Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors that has qualified for Elite Status.

As an Elite Diamond Contractor, Bob McAllister provides a 12 year parts warranty on any new Mitsubishi Ductless System.


So, how much can you expect to pay to have a Mitsubishi ductless system installed in your home? Well, it depends.

The price of a ductless system is determined by four primary factors:

  • The size of the unit
  • The type of unit
  • The number of areas (or zones) being conditioned
  • The degree of difficulty of the installation (How far the indoor and outdoor units are from each other, the construction of the outer wall to be drilled to carry the line sets, etc.)
  • The capacity of your existing electrical panel

Due to the flexibility of these systems (whole house, partial house, one room, etc.) there are multiple configuration possibilities that can slide your job from the lower end of the cost range to the highest. A ductless system, on its most basic level, consists of:


Mitsubishi Ductless Cape May County, NJ


Mitsubishi Ductless Atlantic County, NJ


Mitsubishi Ductless in South Jersey

Single Zone Installation

Professional installation of the most basic, or single zone, configuration (consisting of one wall unit and condenser) will cost between $2,800 and $4000. This layout is ideal for many kinds of applications like conditioning the air in a sun room, garage, attic, and some smaller homes.

Best air conditioning contractor Cape May

A single ductless unit is perfect for keeping a sun room comfortable all year long

Save 5% on Ductless


Some homeowners need only one ductless unit for their home, while others install 3, 4 or 5 units. It all depends on the layout of the home and what works best for the homeowner. A multi-zone system consisting of two indoor evaporator units typically run between $7500 and $12,500.

We can run as many as 8 indoor units with a single outdoor condenser, and we can come back to add indoor units at a later date if you want to have your system designed for future expansion as budgets allow.

At first glance, the cost of ductless heating and air conditioning can seem steep, however, the benefits in energy efficiency will save you a lot in the long run.

Since there are no ducts, you won’t lose energy via ductwork. Typical forced air systems experience duct losses equivalent to about 20% of the system’s energy consumption. Ductless systems are also less expensive to maintain than traditional systems. When you add in attractive rebate programs and 0% payment plans, ductless solutions wind up shaking out as a cost savings to most homeowners.

Ductless Zones

A multi-zone configuration comes with an additional energy saving benefit. You can control the temperature independently in every room where an air handler is installed.

So, if you’re not using a room, you won’t have to keep it heated and cooled the same as the rest of the house.

Finally, you’ll need a qualified installer, like Comfort Now by Bob McAllister, and there are some good reasons for that (beyond the fact that it’s us. :-))

Not all contractors have experience with ductless technology, so make sure to ask your contractor how long they’ve been installing the systems.

If you’re interested in ductless for you home, give Comfort Now a call at 609-400-1005 or click the button below to learn more and schedule an appointment.

Schedule an In-Home Consult

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Air Conditioning Q & A

Will you save energy if you use ceiling fans while Air Conditioning is on? What temperature should the Air Conditioning be set on to keep cost down?


A ceiling fan can help in several ways:


Circulating air will help minimize hot and cold spots. Warm air holds more moisture (humidity) and that’s why we feel like it’s so much warmer when the humidity is high. High humidity also creates more perspiration on our skin. A fan circulating air across our body will dry the perspiration out and make us feel cooler. A ceiling fan uses a relatively small amount of electricity for the benefit provided.

Temperature setting is an objective thing. You can set your thermostat to 85 and use much less electricity but you won’t be comfortable. Going back to humidity, the lower it is the more comfortable you feel, even at warmer temperatures. A home that has low humidity could be comfortable at 75-77 while a home with high humidity may feel uncomfortable at 73. This is where an air conditioner that is too big is a problem. The longer your air conditioner runs, the more it dehumidifies, so you can feel more comfortable when your thermostat is set higher. If your air conditioner has too much capacity, it cools the space down quickly and shuts off before it dehumidifies the air.

Anytime you are not home and can turn the thermostat higher so the air conditioner doesn’t run as much, you will reduce your energy consumption. If you have two systems in the home, you should turn the temperature up in the space you don’t use during certain parts of the day.


Have questions? Contact me here!


– Bob

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After Spring Comes Summer!

Whether March comes in like a lion or a lamb, the beginning of Spring means plenty of chores on your list. Here’s one you can cross off easily – schedule your HVAC system for a tune up and safety check from Comfort Now! It’s quick, simple and gets you ready for the hot weather ahead.

There are several steps to a maintenance check-up. Changing the air filters and cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils are important. It’s also necessary to examine the refrigerant level, make sure condensate is draining properly, inspect the electrical connections for faults, adjust blower components for proper system airflow and look for signs of trouble spots. We’ll have a professional technician take care of this for your peace of mind and so you can check it off the list and get on to other things. Before you know it, hot summer weather will be here so act now! Call us before March 31 and the tune up is only $59!

Since every air conditioner needs regular maintenance, I recommend you consider joining our CN Club. Read about it here.

As always, you can give me a call at 609.400.1005 or email

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