5 Signs Your Air Filter Has a Problem

5 Signs Your Air Filter Has a Problem. Nice young ill man sitting in his comfortable room and sneezing.

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit is among the most expensive equipment in your New Jersey home.

The air filter, one of its least expensive components, is most valuable for keeping your heating and cooling system clean and running efficiently. Without a clean air filter, your HVAC unit can go downhill fast, and indoor air quality, airflow, and comfort in your Egg Harbor Township home will suffer. 

As a homeowner, you need to get hands-on with your HVAC filter. At Comfort Now, we recommend inspecting it every month and following the manufacturer’s guidelines on when to replace it. 

If you are uncertain about the recommended size and thickness of your system’s air filter, ask one of our qualified technicians for help. Changing your HVAC unit’s air filter is one of many steps we take during a maintenance call to ensure your heating and cooling system is in top condition.

We can answer any concerns you have about your air filter and offer tips to ensure it stays in good shape. 

HVAC Filter Problems

Air filters work with other HVAC parts to maintain comfort in your home but can fail your system if they are improperly installed, damaged, dirty, and made of inferior materials. Here are five air filter problems:

  1. Dirty Filter
    You can easily differentiate between a clean filter and a dirty one. The dirt and debris are apparent in a used filter. The trapped contaminants darken the color of the fibers. Clean filters look clean.

    Want a few other signs to recognize a dirty filter?

    The airflow from your air ducts seems weak. A dirty air filter can constrict airflow, cause your system to work harder, and even overheat.

    You notice more dust on surfaces throughout your Egg Harbor Township home. The indoor air quality (IAQ) is poor. Your utility bills have increased. 
  2. Wrong Size
    You bought the wrong size filter for your HVAC system. Maybe it is too big, but you hope it will work by jamming it into its housing. Or, it is too small, but you plan to use it anyway and hope it traps at least some dust.

    Do yourself a favor and return it, even if it was on sale and a great buy. Purchase the size filter that your system’s manufacturer recommends. Using the wrong size risks the likelihood that dust and debris will go around the filter rather than becoming trapped in it.

    Dimensions listed on packaging and labels indicate filter size. If you hear a rattling sound and see more dust in your home, your filter may be the wrong size for your unit.

    The correct air filter costs a lot less than repairing your HVAC system.  One of our qualified Comfort Now technicians will replace your HVAC air filter during a routine maintenance visit. Ask your technician for guidance about filter size and replacement. 
  3. Damaged Filter
    Most HVAC filters are disposable and meant for one-time use. If your filter is bent, torn, dirty, and worn, it is time to discard it. A damaged filter will not work effectively and may not fit properly inside your HVAC unit.

    If you notice moisture in your filter, ask our Comfort Now experts to inspect your heating and cooling equipment. The moisture problem may stem from a frozen evaporator coil or clogged condensate drain.
  4. Wrong MERV
    The Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) tells you what size particles a filter can screen out. The higher the number, the smaller the particle your filter traps. However, high-efficiency filters may restrict airflow to your system and cause it to work harder to maintain your thermostat setting, increasing energy use and hiking utility bills.

    Let Comfort Now check your HVAC unit to be sure it can handle a high-efficiency filter safely. 
  5. Bargain Basement Filter
    A flimsy filter with the lowest MERV rating may not effectively trap contaminants. The particles will pass through the filter and circulate in your home, compromising indoor air quality.

    According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor indoor air quality can trigger allergic reactions, increase the risk of heart disease, and cause eye irritation, headaches, and fatigue.

    You want a filter that will screen out particles adequately and protect your system and indoor air without taxing your equipment.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

A heating and cooling system tune-up can alleviate your concerns about the condition and effectiveness of your air filter. Let Comfort Now correct the air filter issues affecting the HVAC unit in your Egg Harbor Township, NJ, home. Call us at 609-400-1005 or request service online. 

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