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8 Ways and 2 Products to Protect Your Family from Viruses & Allergens

Call it caution, concern or sensationalism but you know it’s a hot issue when something can make politics the “also ran” story in this country.…

It’s Time to Take Care of the People That Take Care of Us!

There's no doubt we are all tired of hearing about or even talking about the Coronavirus Virus! But it's impacted our lives whether we like it…

Do You Have a Friend in the Hospitality Industry Who Needs a FREE A/C?

As a resident of the South Jersey Shore area for most of my life, I've come to realize there is nothing my family and I…

One Great Giveaway… TWO Deserving Winners!

When 2020 started, the team here at Comfort Now had the highest expectations for the new year! The year started off strong; then we were…

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