As a resident of the South Jersey Shore area for most of my life, I’ve come to realize there is nothing my family and I enjoy more than going out to dinner to engage with our friends and neighbors from our local community. I guess this is probably one of the many events I once took for granted before the stay-at-home order closed almost all of the amazing coffee shops, cozy breakfast spots, lunch counters, diners, restaurants and bars in our area. But over the past few months I also began to realize it was more than the great tasting food and the good times I missed…

I realized I missed the people who serve us the food and the drinks just as much!

Over the years, I’ve come to know my fair share of great people that work in and around the hospitality industry here in Atlantic and Cape May Counties. These people are the foundation of what makes our area what it is! Don’t get me wrong, our beaches are beautiful, the casinos are fun and the South Jersey Shore lifestyle is second to none, but it’s our local hospitality workers that make our experiences here at the shore special. And some of these great people are really being affected by our recent crisis and might need some help!

At Comfort Now, our team realizes how much our area has been negatively impacted by the stay-at-home order associated with the pandemic and the effect it has had on our local economy…so we’d like to help in anyway we can! With that in mind, we’ve decided to give away TWO NEW Carrier Air Conditioning Units in our Comfort for Our Friends in Hospitality GiveawayThat’s right, not ONE…but TWO Air Conditioners!!

Do you know any local food supply worker(s) OR have a favorite hospitality worker(s) who’s been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and really needs a NEW Air Conditioner?

If you do, go to our giveaway pageenter some basic information about the person in need and tell us their story. We will review the information you submit, visit the home of the nominee to get an idea how serious their needs are, then our team will meet to narrow the list down to a few nominees before we ask the public to help us select a winner. The details about the giveaway can be found here.

Remember, you can nominate a friend, a relative, a neighbor, a co-worker or simply nominate yourself! We just want to help anyway we can…but hurry, submissions for the giveaway will only be accepted through Sunday, June 21st, 2020.

As an added bonus, anyone that submits their information, whether they are nominating themselves or someone else, will receive a coupon for $300 OFF a new air conditioning system. Use the coupon yourself, or give it to a friend to keep the giving spirit going…but don’t delay!

What constitutes a food supply worker?

All local food supply chain workers including (but not limited to) food supply/delivery drivers, supermarket/grocery store employees, convenience store employees, etc. in and around Atlantic & Cape May Counties negatively affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic…

What constitutes a hospitality worker?

All local hospitality workers including (but not limited to) restaurant employees (bartenders, servers, hostesses, kitchen staff, managers, etc.) hotel employees (front desk, housekeepers, maintenance staff, managers, etc.) and casino workers (dealers, cashiers, bartenders, servers, hostesses, kitchen staff, customer service reps, managers, etc.) in and around Atlantic & Cape May Counties impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic…

If we missed someone that works in the food supply chain or in any role within the hospitality industry, nominate them anyway! And BTW, we feel everyone’s been negatively impacted during this difficult time…

Have friends in the hospitality industry? Copy & Paste the link below onto your social media profiles to help us spread the word!

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