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We love to save our customers money with coupons, rebates and promotions…

Who doesn’t love to save a little money whenever they can? With our special offers on industry leading service plans, money saving coupons, rebates and financing options from our local utility companies, you can save more than a few dollars! And don’t forget about our contests and giveaways where we are always looking forward to helping others…

HVAC Service Plans

We provide our valued customers 24 Hour Emergency Service, through-out the year as part of our Priority Comfort Program. Our Priority Comfort Program will also keep your heater and/or air conditioner running efficiently all year long!

Money Saving Coupons

At Comfort Now our customers are our #1 priority. Therefore, we would love to have you become another one of our satisfied customers by giving you a little extra reason to do so and give you an opportunity to save along the way!

Rebates, Promotions, & Other Incentives

Right now, South Jersey Gas has an incredible offer for homeowners that either currently have a gas heater OR are looking to convert to natural gas and are ready to replace their old equipment with a new, energy efficient heating system!

Contests and Giveaways

Throughout the year, we run contests and conduct giveaways because we believe in giving back to our community and helping the people who need it the most! Our Ugliest Heater Contest and Holiday Heater Giveaway are among our customers favorites! Be sure to keep an eye out for our next promotion…

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