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How Can I Make My Furnace Last Longer?

February 8, 2024
How Can I Make My Furnace Last Longer? Closeup Shot Of Home Furnace Burner Ignited With Crimson Blue Flame.

The average furnace lasts between 10 and 15 years. But did you know you can take steps to make it last longer? There is no shortcut or hack to increase your furnace’s longevity.

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How to Spot a Cracked Heat Exchanger

January 8, 2024
How to Spot a Cracked Heat Exchanger. Man coughs in his elbow while sitting on sofa at home.

At Comfort Now, we take the safety of our customers in New Jersey very seriously. That’s why we want you to know how to spot a cracked heat exchanger.

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Why Isn’t My Furnace Heating My Entire Home?

December 6, 2023
Why Isn’t My Furnace Heating My Entire Home? Family freezing at home because of an expensive heating during cold winter. Trying to warm themselves up.

If your furnace seems to be producing heat inconsistently around your Galloway home to you, you’re not alone. Many homes have varied conditions from room to room causing spotty heating or cooling. On cold days, this can be a nuisance. For example, you may be confined to only a few rooms in your home. Or you might have to wear a coat and blanket just to function around the house.

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When Should You Replace Your Furnace?

November 8, 2023
domestic animal, cat, human foot, togetherness.

When it comes time to make that investment, at Comfort Now by Bob McAllister, we can help you save money while helping to increase your New Jersey home’s comfort level.

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What Are Signs I Need a New Furnace?

February 1, 2023
A HVAC tech with a furnace pipe. What Are Signs I Need a New Furnace?

Our team at Comfort Now wants you to understand how your furnace works and what signs you can watch for to indicate it’s time for a replacement heating system.

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Why Is the Furnace Pilot Light Going Out?

January 25, 2023
Image of guts of furnace. Why Is the Furnace Pilot Light Going Out?

If you ever hear your gas furnace turn on but cannot feel any warm air blowing from the vents inside your New Jersey home, chances are the pilot light went out.

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How to Lower Your Winter Heating Bill

January 4, 2023
Image of a couch with a book and drinks on it. How to Lower Your Winter Heating Bill.

Let’s face it: running your furnace gets expensive. Heating alone accounts for over 40 percent of the average American’s utility bill, according to a US Department of Energy (DOE) analysis.

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What’s That Sound Coming From My Furnace?

December 28, 2022
A man ponders while looking at a laptop. What’s That Sound Coming From My Furnace?

It’s normal for your furnace to make some noise.

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Why Is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air?

December 7, 2022
Cold Couple Huddled Next to Radiator

Did you finally turn your furnace on this winter only to have cold air blowing out of your vents?

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Why Won’t My Furnace Stop Running?

November 23, 2022
Image of someone drinking coffee or tea by a window. Why Won’t My Furnace Stop Running?

Is your furnace blowing air without pause? If so, you’re probably feeling a bit concerned. First, your Egg harbor Township house most likely feels like an oven.

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What Is Short Cycling?

February 10, 2022
Hand Adjusting Thermostat

What is short cycling? We want you to understand this concept, why it can be harmful and costly, the cause, and what you can do about it.

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How Do I Keep My Heat During Extreme Cold Weather?

January 10, 2022
Cold Man

We want to help keep your home comfortable in these low temperatures. Follow our tips for keeping your home’s heat in extreme cold weather.

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Replace Your Heating System Now to Beat Upcoming Price Increases

December 23, 2021
Furnace Replacement

Planning to replace or upgrade your current HVAC system? Act now to avoid upcoming price increases on heating equipment next month.

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What’s the Difference Between My Furnace Fan Settings—ON and AUTO?

December 10, 2021
Furnace Fan Settings

There are furnace-fan settings on your thermostat for ON and AUTO. Which option is the best choice for your household?

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7 Furnace Maintenance Tips

November 10, 2021
Furnace Maintenance

Our team wants to help you be prepared for cold weather by providing you the following furnace maintenance tips.

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5 Reasons to Schedule a Fall Furnace Clean and Check

October 12, 2021
Furnace Cleaning

Long before the first night you’ll want to use it, you should have your furnace cleaned and checked by a professional.

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Is My Furnace Overheating?

February 21, 2021
is my furnace overheating?

We want to keep our customers in the know about overheating furnaces. Our team here at Comfort Now by Bob McAllister in Galloway compiled the following information for you.

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