When 2020 started, the team here at Comfort Now had the highest expectations for the new year! The year started off strong; then we were starting to hear rumblings of a pandemic making it’s way to the United States. A pandemic? Seriously! With all the amazing advancements in modern medicine, could we really experience a pandemic? Little did we know, it would change the way we live forever!

As our lives began to change, we were told restaurants (and the hospitality industry as a whole) were going to close down. What do you mean “close down”? Does this mean overnight, for the weekend, for a week or two…what? As it turned out, a couple of weeks led into a few months! I personally had no idea how closing this industry (as well as many others) would have such a profound impact our our local area…and it’s not over yet!

So what could the Comfort Now Team do to help?

As we began to realize how much our area was impacted by the stay-at-home order associated with the pandemic and the effect it had on our local economy, we decided to help in anyway we could! With that in mind, we’ve decided to give away TWO NEW Carrier Air Conditioning Units in our Comfort for Our Friends in Hospitality GiveawayThat’s right, not ONE…but TWO Air Conditioners!!

So without further delay, here are the TWO WINNERS of our giveaway!

After careful consideration, the Comfort Now Team (with help from the public) selected these 2 families from Cape May County to EACH receive a NEW Carrier Air Conditioning Unit in our Comfort for Our Friends in Hospitality Giveaway…congrats to these deserving families and THANK YOU to all who entered!

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